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AIR NATIONAL GUARD ORDER APPLICATION REQUEST The proponent agency is ANG/A6. The prescribing directive is ANTI 33-101. PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT 1. 2. 3. 4. AUTHORITY: Title 5 USC Section 552a; and Executive
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hi again this is coach Mary owner and founder of mouth phenomenal basketball today I'm going to be talking about the training that I had with Al Francis Tom C and the Asia's best point guard Jason Castro their first two sessions we focus on footwork, and specifically it's a drop for me is the simplest form of footwork that you can master and applying again unlike any other move this move gives you the quickest and most explosive way to attack your defender, so before I go into details I just want to show you a short video clip of our training it's a little low quality because at that time the lights are not available, but it's okay so here this Applause Music so I hope you guys enjoy the video and I believe you already have an idea or drop is, so I think it's now time to go into the details of the move this is a drop right here so as you can see he stayed wide and low giving him more explosiveness when he attacks in this angle you can see the shoulder dropping to a lower level as he picks of the cone giving him more advantage as exposed it's not clear in this angle, but I raised my right hand that forced him to drop even lower this increase the difficulty of the move that made him uncomfortable and the goal is to make them feel uncomfortable every time you train, so that's going to be easier for them to execute it in the game it's a very simple yet effective movement mastered but without proper timing it won't be that effective in enough another good thing about this move is you can actually play with it, you can add or combine moves into it one of the best moves to combine it with is the crossover so let's check the clip where we combined it to the crossover and finished it with another drop in this case the drop cross is a setup move and the finisher with the now let's check how Jason Castro did that in the game Music, but this doesn't mean that it's going to be effective all the time you should also know how to read encounter your defender you may give him another cross step back or a hesitation or any different kind of years you may also drop and when he bites go take the pool now let's check how Jason cast replies the drop it became Music, so that's it guys she also he applied it in the game and how effective it is it's not flashy it's not fancy but for me, it's the simplest footwork that could give you the explosiveness that you need again don't be deceived based simplicity because I know most of you are thinking that you don't have to work on it anymore but believe me you have to there are lots of things that you have to consider the balance that you need when you drop when you stay low before you attack the explosiveness of your first step because there's no such thing as magic fear that when you do the first step or when you do the drop it's automatic that you're going to be explosive, so you really have to work in it every day until you master it another thing is the timing without proper timing it's going to be useless again don't be...
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